Photography by Carin Olsson ||

My son and I, photographed by Carin Olsson

Hellow and welcome to my site! My name is Grace Alyssa Kyo.

I look to create photographs where you would be captured as you are, with utter grace and effortless style.

My passion for visuals arose after moving to Paris for a year. I fell in love with the language, the culture, the art and particularly the way Parisians relish their lifestyle. Savouring time for things they adore, carried all the while with style and attitude that seemed effortless. This sentiment long stayed with me even after I returned to Sydney, inspiring the way I shoot fashion and lifestyle stories.

My photography and video work has been featured in renowned publications such as The Grace Tales, Australian Women’s Weekly, Vogue Australia, British Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar Australia, and Grazia Australia.

I’m a contributing content creator on The Grace Tales, a high-end digital platform tailored for stylish mothers. Some of the editorial content and advertorial stories that I’ve had the pleasure of shooting had been a collaboration with beloved labels such as Clarins, Maserati, Jo Malone, Seed Heritage,  Sportscraft, and Aveda

If you dig my style and think we would make a perfect fit, then I can’t wait to hear from you.

Let’s connect and see what we can achieve together.